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Stories | Miami, Florida, USA | October 15th, 2023

I had long been hesitant to create art inspired by my Haitian heritage, as I believed I lacked a meaningful message. However, everything shifted when I crossed paths with Aura, the visionary behind Les Couleurs Contemporary Gallery and Charity. In our brief exchange, a profound concept emerged, ultimately giving birth to FLON. Aura, through her organization, was realizing a cherished dream of mine—to contribute to my community in the most authentic way I knew: through the power of art.

Coincidentally, this period aligned with a pivotal juncture in my personal journey, marked by profound introspection and a transformative reinvention. It was during this time that I recognized the abundance of support systems in my life, many of which were embodied by remarkable women—individuals characterized by strength, kindness, resilience, and creativity. I affectionately refer to them as “pillars.”

It was in this context that the narrative of Catherine Flon emerged. Despite the scarcity of archival evidence, her story transcended the boundaries of reality, taking on the allure of myth. While her existence may be shrouded in mystery, the fragments we know suggest that she was the goddaughter of none other than Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the father of Haitian independence. In an era when our language was still crystallizing, tales of wars unfolded, and a prevailing theme endured—the indomitable feminine presence amid a backdrop of conflict and revolution.

Catherine, in her essence, embodies one of these pillars, resonating in the spirit of every Haitian woman today. She stands as a testament to the enduring strength and resilience that defines the women of Haiti, their stories echoing through time and shaping the narrative of a nation.

Catherine Flon stands as a powerful symbol, highlighting the frequently overlooked contributions of enslaved women in Haiti and throughout the broader African diaspora. The dearth of comprehensive accounts of enslaved women in historical archives, upon which many historians and writers depend for their research, has contributed to the silence surrounding their remarkable endeavors.

FLON” which was unveiled at Les Couleurs Contemporary Gallery on October 15th 2023, serves as an expression of my profound gratitude towards these pillars. It represents not only a tribute to their enduring strength but also a humble endeavor to repay the joys, support, and lessons bestowed upon me by these extraordinary women. It is my sincere attempt to contribute to the legacy that will shape the future of women in Haitian society.

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Marc-Anthony is a self-taught Haitian photographer/artist currently residing and developing in South Florida. While pursuing Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, his passion for art history, fine arts, and the captivating realm of film photography took root. During his stay in China, his interest in portrait photography flourished and became a defining element upon his return. His distinctive style effortlessly blends the textures and lighting techniques reminiscent of early fine arts with modern approaches, weaving narratives that are both compelling and timeless.

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