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A nude portrait photography session with Grisel in Polanco

Polanco, Mexico City, MX | March 17th, 2021

The world has a strange relationship with nudity. It is chastised and adored at the same time, I’m not sure why though. I’ve always avoided nude photography during my journey in the artform, mainly because I did not yet know how I wanted to convey it in my work. Like most photographers in that genre, I enjoyed the work of Helmut Newton for example. Though, not  particularly for its erotic nature, but mainly for the sense of freedom and power his women seemed to have. And I wanted to use that as the building block for my take on the female nudity.

So, during my stay in Polanco, I asked Grisel if she’d be open to the idea of posing nude, and she kindly obliged. To my surprise, she exuded exactly what I had in mind. She had this natural sense of freedom from my presence while still acknowledging the gazes of the viewers. We later became good friends. She’s actually an artist and we connected massively on that subject. She can be found on Instagram under the name tag

naked photograph of girl laying on bed
nude portrait of a lady on a bed with white sheets
Nude girl sitting on dresser
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