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Black And White Portrait Of A Girl Wearing A Turtleneck Sweater
Black And White Portrait Of A Girl Wearing A Turtleneck Sweater
Photograph Of A Moroccan Girl
Traditional Beauty Portrait Photography
Artistic Photo Of A Blonde Girl Wearing A Red Evening Dress
Artistic Photo Of A Blonde Girl Wearing A Red Evening Dress
Artistic Photograph Of A Girl Wearing A Flower Crown
Beauty Portrait

“ We know ourselves from the inside, but we only know of others from the outside.”

I’m Marc-Anthony, a self-taught portrait photographer and artist. Influenced by historical art, my work in portrait photography hopes to tell stories by focusing on the nuances of being human. Myphotostorie is simply an interpretation of our reality. And thus, I believe that our reality isn’t just about what we look like, but also what we feel like.



Marc-Anthony was extremely kind, welcoming and attentive. One can tell he loves what he does, and how much he cares about portraying his subject. He is all about the real person, with all the imperfections and the intricacies that come from shooting.

Marc made me feel comfortable in my skin and in my story. I finally felt strong enough to share what was hidden within me, and that is true art. The level of intimacy captured in my photographs showed simply because of how open and accepting we were of each other.

My experience shooting with Marc was great! Not much of a photo taker unless it’s my phone and he made things flow easily for me. Thank you x 1mil, the pictures came out so beautiful!

Traditional Beauty Portrait Photography

My portrait session with Marc was such a delightful experience. He is quite the seasoned photographer and knows exactly what he wants. I’d recommend Marc to anyone who loves photography and is interested in having some of the best portraits taken.

Dayanna R.

With Marc-Anthony, the experience was a true collaboration and I always felt that my ideas were taken into consideration. The result after our shoot was a mix of what I feel about myself + what he saw in me. I loved it!

Raquel R.

April 28th, 2021 | Stories

Death to love; storytelling with Model Yoselin Montes De Oca - Round two

Continuing my studies in storytelling through concept development, I started collecting items (often unrelated) that may add to the growing list of ideas I have in mind. During said collection period, I picked up this beautiful blue corset with gold details. It was originally intended for a vintage concept, but I decided to do something more contemporary, edgy but simple…

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