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Black And White Fine Art Portrait Of A Young Girl
Black And White Fine Art Portrait Of A Young Girl

Your transformation from ordinary to timeless starts here.

I’m Marc-Anthony, a self-taught portrait photographer and artist. Influenced by early classical art, my work in portrait photography hopes to tell stories by focusing on the nuances of being human. Myphotostorie is simply an interpretation of our reality. And thus, I believe that, from the perspective of a photographer, our reality isn’t just about what we look like, but also what we feel like.


The Sacrifice


Your Living Room


October 15th 2023 | Stories

FLON - A Haitian Story | The unveiling [Fine Art photography]

I had long been hesitant to create art inspired by my Haitian heritage, as I believed I lacked a meaningful message. However, everything shifted when I crossed paths with Aura, the visionary behind Les Couleurs Contemporary Gallery and Charity. In our brief exchange, a profound concept emerged, ultimately giving birth to FLON. Aura, through her organization, was realizing a cherished dream of mine—to contribute to my community in the most authentic way I knew: through the power of art.

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