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Fine art print for sale

FLON, A Haitian Story

About this print:

Catherine Flon serves as a symbol of the often-neglected contributions made by enslaved women in Haiti. This piece, titled “FLON”, was unveiled at Les Couleurs Contemporary Gallery on October 15th 2023 which will serve as its permanent home.

This art piece represents my utter gratitude for Haitian women and a mere attempt at giving back all the joys, support and lessons I was given to the future women of the Haitian society.

  • Measures 30in wide by 36in tall.
  • Please allow 3-5 days to process and prepare the artwork.
  • The print is mounted on styrene to ensure its viewing quality and longevity.
  • The print is sold framed.

Asking price: $5000

Things to know about your print

Natural skin oils or other contaminants can easily transfer to the print. As a preventative measure, we recommend washing your hands before touching a photograph. If possible wear clean, white cotton gloves that are lint free and designed for handling the art.
keep out of direct sunlight (especially south-facing light) and high-intensity artificial light. If you decide to frame your print, look into using UV protection glass/plexiglass. If not exposed to extreme light, prints will not become excessively faded or yellowed.
keep prints in a cool environment, preferably within the range of 60°-72° F (16°-22°C). Don’t hang fine art prints near areas that get too hot or cold, like fireplaces, radiators, or air-conditioners. Warm or moist conditions accelerate deterioration and encourage mold growth and insect activity.
Please maintain a relative humidity between 35 and 55%; if humidity is too high the print can be damaged by mold or insects, but if it’s too low the paper can become brittle. Avoid hanging your fine art print somewhere that is very humid, like a steamy bathroom or next to a humidifier.
When framing your fine art print, use a good quality glass specifically designed for protecting fine art and photographic images. We also recommend using an acid-free archival mat to prevent the print and glass from touching. Should you need help with framing, please inquire.

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