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Stories | Soho, Hong Kong, China | March 30th, 2021

In 2017, I visited Hong Kong for what I jokingly call a “technical immigration obligation,” and surprisingly, I fell in love with the city instantly. Despite not being a city person, there’s a unique charm to this bustling island, packed with diverse buildings and people from various cultures. Its cinematic allure, frequently featured and often destroyed in blockbuster movies like Ghost in the Shell, allows me to fanboy over the iconic scenes. Moreover, the presence of some of the best vintage film camera stores adds to my infatuation with this old city.

I promised myself I’d go back the first chance I get. And I did, multiple times. The effect was the same every single time. I land and I Immediately get into little adventures. During my last visit, for my birthday, I decided to celebrate it by doing what I love: getting lost in the streets hunting for foods and gadgets, and ballet photography, a genre I discovered and fell in love with back in my days living in Ningbo. A friend connected me with three fun local ballerinas. I must say It was quite the experience. Try imagining me running  around with bubbly Asian girls in full ballet getups inciting surprised faces from onlookers and snapping frames in the middle of streets. I felt as though the city was entirely our playground.

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Marc-Anthony is a self-taught Haitian photographer/artist currently residing and developing in South Florida. While pursuing Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, his passion for art history, fine arts, and the captivating realm of film photography took root. During his stay in China, his interest in portrait photography flourished and became a defining element upon his return . His distinctive style effortlessly blends the textures and lighting techniques reminiscent of early fine arts with modern approaches, weaving narratives that are both compelling and timeless.

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