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Stories | Miami, Florida, USA | April 28th, 2021

Continuing my exploration of storytelling through concept development, I began collecting various items, sometimes unrelated, to fuel the growing list of ideas swirling in my mind. Among these acquisitions was a striking blue corset adorned with intricate gold details. While initially earmarked for a vintage concept, I opted for a more contemporary, edgy, yet simplistic approach for its use.

Yoselin Montes, a young and vibrant Cuban model, entered the scene—a refreshing departure from the typical Instagram aesthetic. Having previously collaborated with Yoselin, her presence was akin to a breath of fresh air in a sea of glossy images. Naturally, I seized the opportunity to photograph her once more.

Initially intending a fashion-focused session, our direction shifted when Yoselin’s gaze fell upon a bouquet of dried roses I had brought along. Spontaneously, we embarked on portraying the narrative of a beautiful yet anguished young woman, exploring themes of heartbreak and vulnerability. This organic storytelling experience not only captured the essence of our model but also delved into the broader question of whether beauty shields one from emotional turmoil.

In a creative harmony rarely encountered, Yoselin and I seamlessly navigated through the concept and its execution. What began as a technical exercise evolved into a compelling narrative, highlighting the depth and complexity behind seemingly flawless exteriors.

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Marc-Anthony is a self-taught Haitian photographer/artist currently residing and developing in South Florida. While pursuing Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, his passion for art history, fine arts, and the captivating realm of film photography took root. During his stay in China, his interest in portrait photography flourished and became a defining element upon his return . His distinctive style effortlessly blends the textures and lighting techniques reminiscent of early fine arts with modern approaches, weaving narratives that are both compelling and timeless.

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