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Vintage-styled stroll through Wynwood with Katie - [Film Portrait Photography]

Wynwood, Florida, USA | March 30th, 2021

Just like many of my many portrait sessions, my shoot with Kaitie sprung from the usual spontaneous “what are your plans today” text, kind of like when I was Exploring expressions through portrait photography with Rachel Schueg. At the time, I was into the vintage Americana textures. When she said the words “polka dot skirt”, I did not think twice, it was on. The weather was a rather overcast, but I felt it was perfect because I’d have even lighting. I opted for Ilford HP5 film stock for its traditional look and texture which would suit the purpose of this concept.

We picked one of Wynwood’s many back street for their rather textured nature, and flowed through a couple of film rolls within a matter of minutes. Kaitie was great! She flowed through poses with much ease and was in tuned with the rather slow process of shooting film. I happened to have just picked up an old wooden ladder for another shoot which ended up coming in handy to get over a few puddles (insert sweat smiling emoji here). You can fid her on Instagram at kaitieschwab

Vintage Style Portrait
Portrait Of A Woman Dressed In Vintage Style
Photograph Of A Woman With Vintage Skirt Crossing A Street
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