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Welcome to “The Theatre”, a curated photography viewing experience. Here, you’ll experience my photography intimately and truly: at its highest resolution and uncensored. This was specifically why I started Myphotostorie. Our profuse consumption of visual content has affected our ability to simply and properly appreciate just about anything, specifically art. Consider this page the quintessential gallery bench which offers you undisturbed moments of immersion in a piece of art’s details. In The Theatre, there are no “likes”, no algorithm, no censorship, no gimmick. Just the you and the photograph. This, is for you.



The details

Tip Jar

This is a completely self-funded endeavor fueled by a deep appreciation for fans. You are not obligated to give anything. Your presence is payment enough. However, should you decide to make a gesture, I will see to it that it goes directly into the funding “cool things”, like print giveaways, or a stock of your favorite libation in the studio’s fridge for when you come visit. Thank you.




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