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Muse: Raquel R.

I like meeting new people, it’s always exciting to discover that as much as we tend to put ourselves into identity boxes, people still surprise us. However, it is not often you meet someone who is pretty much your doppelganger. Remember that photographers meet up I mentioned before in a previous “storie” Photostorie Meets Diana Roman? Yeah, that one. Well, this unsuspecting personage was around, posing everywhere and loving every bit of it. In my habit of always seeking the “unknown”, the different and the not so popular, I really did not gravitate toward her as much as everyone else. But one thing was certain, the cameras loved her.

Most shoots last up to a couple hours, and I tend to limit myself to a couple rolls of film. But our session went on forever. And as the champagne flowed and the abundance of stinky cheese seemed unchallenged, time passed and I kept reloading my cameras. It is often said that you can shoot 300 frames and only a handful are workable. Well, we shot more than 300 frames, and I could have shot more. The most enjoyable part of the entire session was that it was fun, very informal, as much as we had planned to get some “Vogueish” shots where the “resting bitch face” is usually the go to. I liked how she was able to show vulnerability¬†yet own it. It was hilarious watching the switch from sarcastic loud mouth to completely sexy and alluring.

Beautiful Girl With Short Hair In Miami Photography Studio
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