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Impromptu portrait session with singer, song writer, & dancer, Havana [Portrait Photography]

Miami, Florida, USA | April 13th, 2021

The woman is always more important than the clothes.

— Peter Lindbergh

Since I adopted a stronger concept-based approach in my portrait photography work, I am starting to understand what Peter was on about. I applied it in my recent explorative portrait session with Kaitie. I do not do fashion photography as much as Peter did, but his views on the matter do expand outwardly. My work always focuses on the person, their humanity, their inner presence shelled in their outward look. This rather clashes with today’s pronounced admiration of said shells. Unhealthy beauty standards, and of course, social media culture strongly influence these perspectives of self.

My concept is simple, keep everything else constant to leave the floor for the one interesting variable: the person. Thus my adoption of these elegant black garments and the exact same setting which is either inside my studio space or right outside when the sun is out. That’s where Havana comes in. She’s a singer, rapper, poet, and dancer. She was fresh to the Miami scene, kind of what I call “untainted”. So she was a perfect fit for this concept because I had to get to know parts of her through photographs just as their viewers would.

I quite enjoyed my session with Havana. By now, everyone knows how much I appreciate someone’s ability to allow themselves to express a wide range of emotions in front of camera. I got plenty of that with her. Our session was short, but just enough. You can find Havana on Instagram at Havanalovemusic

Portrait session of woman in black tight dress
woman wearing black dress smiles while playing with her hair
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