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Interview with Kenny Calderon from WildInx Studioz

Miami, Florida. USA | Jan 12th, 2019

Kenny Calderon is a published talented Comic book artist and cover illustrator from Far Rockaway, Queens New York who agreed to sit for a private portrait session with Photostorie. His work is an amalgam of 3 of his biggest influences growing up. Anime and Manga, street art, and some of the greats (in his opinion), Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, and George Perez. This total admiration for illustrative arts lead to the creation of WildInx, a group of freelance artists, that specializes in a wide array of artistic mediums including, but not limited to, photography, digital art, graphic design, comic art, tattoo design, manga, pin-up, and fan art.

I had the opportunity to photograph Kenny recently and the session was a great experience for both of us. Not so surpring, we shared many of the same passion for illustration art. Kenny is not the most expressive personage, so getting him to be himself in front of the lens took a little bit of coaching. Since we go back a few years, we flew through that part rather quickly and got down to business.

The idea was to capture the artist from a more intimate perspective as well as in the most simple way possible, giving the stage to key parts of his personality. He is a father, serious, talented, and dedicated to his art. Under this tough shell, he is actually quite the big kid, but you’d have to know him personally to even see that side.

To see Kenny’s art, please visit WildInx

Private Portrait Session with Kenny Calderon
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