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Exploring textures of fabric and light with Polynesian model Tausala Gates

Miami, Florida, USA | March 1st, 2021

I met Tausala at a sports bar and through casual conversation, we discovered that we shared a common passion for creative exploration, mainly through photography and music. We’ve since had many portrait sessions, each different and more explorative from the previous. I enjoy this dynamic very much. It frees both her and myself to always push the boundaries of what we think is “it”. In our most recent series, we looked at what sentiment or emotion can be added to a photograph through the use of fabrics. Tule for example, though light and sheer, can convey both softness and grittiness depending on how it’s used. In, fact heck out how different it looks in my Renaissance Fashion series with Channel Rivera. I have come to appreciate it more for its graphical texture, but I must admit my favorite so far is satin. That’s a story for another time : )

Thanks for looking.
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