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Catherine, my first Photostorie

New Year’s Eve 2015, I get dragged to another Miami party for which I wasn’t feeling particularly excited. I just wanted to get a drink, find a corner where I can oversee the entire party and ring in the new year “peacefully”. Upon getting that drink, all I could see amidst the blue neon lights was a pair of clear or white framed glasses that reminded me of Miss Daisy, or something like that. This spunky big curly hair girl turned up and chirped “Hi! what can I get you hun?”

I chewed my words a little and soon managed to let out “rum and coke, please.” After what seemed like an eternity in my mind, I managed to clearly ask to photograph her. She replied: “Well, I’m not really a model nor do I think I am photogenic like that, but I’m down, you seem to know or see something I don’t.” Great, I don’t need a model, to be honest, just a real person if you know what I mean” I replied.

Black and white portrait photographer
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