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Lamentations: An exploration of the 17th century Italian Baroque light [Fine Art Photography]

Miami, Florida, USA | July 17th, 2021

Inevitably after every photo session, my mind is already interested in what the next. What else have I not explored yet? And in the case of fine art photography, this ceiling for me is rather the intrepid nomad. This time for my red series, which I had started with Marie, my interest was in light. Particularly the light seen in 17th century work of masters like Caravaggio, Peter Paul Rubens, and of course, Rembrandt.

I already had an interest in chiaroscuro, but never really spent the needed amount of time to hone it, to learn how to see and execute it.  Little did I know, I had my work cut out. Because the Baroque was distinguished by exaggerated dynamism and clear detail that aimed to create drama and grandeur in sculpture, painting and architecture. After lamenting so much about not being able to find the right person to shoot this idea, I got introduced to quite literally, the perfect model for the task by the handle “It’sPretzelle“.

After hours of lighting study, and testing at the studio, we met without much ceremony, cracked open a bottle of champagne and got to work. She was rather pragmatic and really dedicated herself to my work. I found that rare and fondly appreciated it. Had it not been for sleep depravation, I would have kept going, because as the champagne disappeared in our throats, the hours melted away at the speed of light.

I knew the results would be breathtaking just by the preview on the camera’s screen, but I did not predict how much. Needles to say, the ceiling has moved yet again. Now I really want to see what’s next. But in the meantime, enjoy.

Thanks for looking.
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