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A Film portrait photography walk at the park with Jasmine

North Miami Beach, Florida, USA | March 19th, 2021

Back when I lived in China, I developed my film photography skills at nearby parks. If anyone wants to experience the different faces and characters of a city like Ningbo for example, you go to the park. Parks are one of the most enjoyed recreations in China. You can literally run into many interesting stories at any given time. When I got back stateside though, that quickly died as parks in the city where I live, North Miami, weren’t really giving me those vibes if you know what I mean.

However, I was about to be proven otherwise. There is this park by house that I drove by all the time at about the same time everyday. One of those days, the warm light rays from this gorgeous sunset pierced through the houses and tress and lit up the park in a way that was (for lack of better words) magical. I immediately hooked a left into the park’s gate and drove through the it. I quickly discovered that this wasn’t a mere small joint, It was huge! This park my friends is Greynolds Park.

I immediately threw my car loosely into a parking space and went for a stroll where I got lost into what seemed to be a hidden forest in another country. The lighting was perfect everywhere I went. Without a doubt I thought to myself I should definitely shoot here. Which I did, many times, and one of those times was with Jasmine. She was perfect for this idea because her look reminded be of the 70’s. We settled for a morning session and I went for a variety of some good old expired Kodak film stocks.

Enjoy : )

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