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Edgy portrait photo session with Nicole [Fashion/Editorial Photography]

Miami, Florida, USA | February 21st, 2021

Starving to death is really not what comes to mind when I think of during a 4-hour edgy black and white portrait photo session. But here we were, on a Early Saturday at my studio doing just that. It all started with a cheeky “throw some ideas at me, let’s see” I said. I had no precise idea for this session with Nicole. Hell, I had never met her in person until the day of the shoot. She had agreed to tag along with her friend whom I initially had plans to photograph. After a few text messages, we settled on something simple but striking. The whole session with her only lasted about 25 minutes, and I only shot one roll of film and a few digitals. Turns out, that’s all we needed… and food.

Black And White Portrait Photo Of Girl
Black And White Portrait Of Girl Sitting On Chair
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