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Death to love: Editorial storytelling with Model Yoselin [Fashion photography]

Miami, Florida, USA | April 28th, 2021

Continuing my studies in storytelling through concept development, I started collecting items (often unrelated) that may add to the growing list of ideas I have in mind. During said collection period, I picked up this beautiful blue corset with gold details. It was originally intended for a vintage concept, but I decided to do something more contemporary, edgy but simple.

Entered Yoselin Montes, a young and vibrant up and coming Cuban model. I’ve worked with Yoselin before, and In a sea of Instagram oily babes, she was a breath of cool air. Kind of like inhaling a big gulp of air after having had a mint. So it’s only natural that I jumped at the opportunity to photograph her once more.

We started the session with fashion in mind, until she set her eyes upon a bouquet of dried roses I happened to have brought from home that afternoon. We naturally veered into telling this story of the beautiful, angry, yet broken-hearted girl which turned out so great. It sort of answered this vague question of “do beautiful people experience any sort of emotional hardship” like breakups, neglect, or even rejection. Yoselin and I were in this creative sync that I’ve only had with a few people I’ve photographed, and we just flowed into the concept and its execution.

What set out to be rather a technical practice, turned out to be a cool story after all.

girl with high heels stepping on dried roses
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