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Laowaitan's Swan

I’ve always been interested in capturing the art of dance, both traditional and contemporary forms. I’d always find the discipline and its execution daunting yet attractive. While in Ningbo, I had the opportunity to photograph Yelena, a ballerina and ballet instructor from Cuba. Initially, we were supposed to shoot on this abandoned boat which for some reason had about 4 vintage couches just lying there in various spots, against grungy, rusted and dusty metallic textures. Sadly we got chased away by local Chinese security. So we opted to use the back alleys of bars and clubs of Laowaitan. It was a rainy and overcast day, so the light was good and moody, which set the tone well for our session. This was my first time working with a dancer, and the experience left me wanting for more.

Rolleu RPX400

Interested in purchasing prints of this series? Prints are available upon request and in multiple formats and sizes. Please contact me for more pricing details.

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