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Corpus Operis | What do we leave behind after we pass [Fine Art photography]

Miami, Florida, USA | October 12th, 2021

Corpus Operis Latin for “Body of Work“.

As I am advancing (I was thinking more “aging” when I typed this) in my development in photography, I find myself thinking of my passing and what I would leave behind as perhaps a semblance of memories. It’s hard not to think about the notion of time when one faces birthdays and the occasional sounds the aging body makes, reminding us of our actual frailty. I started thinking of the concept of “legacy”. What will my body of work say about me when I am long gone?

This question added more pressure on my thoughts than I expected, because I feel as though there is not enough time to explore the wealth of possibilities in and of art. And I am just at the beginning. This sense of emotional loss is exactly what I wanted to convey with this piece. I feel as though many of our current generation experience this haltering emotion leading them constantly to the scary question: “what now?”.

Luckily, Alice White, a model out of Las Vegas whom I’d always wanted to photograph, was in town. She was the perfect candidate to pose for this set. She has this very natural slender and elongated figure that worked well for the poses accentuated by almost unnatural undulations. The result gave birth to “Corpus Operis”, which has been inducted into the halls of  The Red Series.

Thanks for looking.
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