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Photostorie is not about getting gratification for taking great photographs, it’s about creating a legacy. The education section is made of a few quick tips and guides to keep you up to par in the photography game.

Photographer In Miami

Photostorie’s guide on hiring the right photographer

So you'd like to be photographed. You either go right to Instagram and search for a local photographer and all of a sudden, you have access to what looks like The Matrix of photographer database. You soon come to realize that the field is superbly competitive. So, how in the…

Film Photography

Photostorie beginner’s guide to film photography

I am always very surprised when someone gawks at the fact that I shoot film. Then again I get it. In the digital age, photography has never been more accessible than it is now. Every cell phone features a rather powerful camera, and those cameras, man are they becoming more…

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