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Exploring the streets of Hong Kong through ballet photography [Film Photography]

Soho, Hong Kong, China | April 2nd, 2021

In 2017, I visited Hong Kong on what I’d call “a technical immigration obligation”. I felt in love with the city almost immediately. Now I’m far from a city guy, but there’s something about this little island packed to the brim with buildings and people from so many cultures that just does it for me. Plus, it’s one of the cities that always gets featured (and destroyed) in so many box office movie like Ghost in the Shell. I get to fanboy about a mere street or building from an epic scene. I also think the fact that it also has some of the best vintage film camera stores has something to do with my infatuation with this old City.

I promised myself I’d go back the first chance I get. And I did, multiple times. The effect was the same every single time. I land and I Immediately get into little adventures. During my last visit, for my birthday, I decided to celebrate it by doing what I love: getting lost in the streets hunting for foods and gadgets, and ballet photography, a genre I discovered and fell in love with back in my days living in Ningbo. A friend connected me with three fun local ballerinas. I must say It was quite the experience. Try imagining me running  around with bubbly Asian girls in full ballet getups inciting surprised faces from onlookers and snapping frames in the middle of streets. I felt as though the city was entirely our playground.

I long  to experience this again. Until then, enjoy this little adventure.

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