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Artistic photography session with young model, Yuli [Portraiture Photography]

Miami, Florida, USA | Marc 12th, 2021

My session with Yuli all started with a random comment on Instagram, then a few private messages, and next thing I knew, we were shooting the very next day. The added bonus was that she introduced me to her friend with whom I also did a nice edgy photo session that same day. Believe it or not, I actually had no clue how I was going to photograph her. I had to make that up during that flash conversation. Regardless, since I am always inspired by my deep love of art, it was easy to pin the direction of the session. I opted for a single light source for some deep dramatic Rembrandt-esque lighting, a gold and rose tone dress to match her skin tone and my favorite prop: my vintage couch. The results were… well, see for yourself.

fine art portrait photography
Young girl wearing gold-tone dress
photography session
Thanks for looking.
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