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Artistic Nude Portrait Session with Maggi [Creative light Sculpting]

Miami, Florida, USA | May 4th, 2021

When my friend and fellow photographer Andre proposed to come to my place to shoot some creative light sculpture, I did not hesitate one bit. After all, he does have a great style of body scapes I’ve always appreciated. Plus, I get to meet a cool model Maggi who, through this photo session, wanted to release herself from many societal preconceived notions about the woman’s body, particularly nudity.

My lighting style hasn’t always known to be “creative”. Which is why it was such a treat watching Andre go through his process on how he carelessly (seemingly) plays with light to achieve very interesting results. It was interesting seeing him go passed the technical aspect of photography (not limited to the use of my living room’s window blinds) and dive into the difficult yet best bit:  being creative.

I think many of us photographers get caught up in the technicalities much more than the creativity. Or I should say, there often is a lack of balance between the two. In fact, I think we unknowingly make the mistake of seeing them as the same. Yes, we should not only know but understand these techniques. But I believe after watching Andre, our creativity start at the point where we break out of the rigidity of those technical rules. Funny how the same applied to Maggi’s endeavor…

Thanks for looking.
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