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An evening out on the water chasing sunsets with Sunset Yachts [Miami Yacht Charter]

Miami, Florida, USA | June 10th, 2021

Are you the type who revels more in the stunning beauty of the natural world? There are some those who are happy to see and be seen, and then there are those who want to just see it all. So If your adventures lead you to a bustling and vibrant city like Miami, you will see plenty – though, some things will have to be sought after and seen from a different perspective.

I personally take Miami for granted, chief reason is because I live here. But, one thing this city is not short of, is its offering of gorgeous summer sunsets. You can catch them while slowly wasting your life away in traffic on i-95, or you can chase the sun down on the bow of one of Sunset Yachts day charter yachts.

I’m a huge fan of simplicity, and the lovely staff onboard any of the 3 motoryachts to select from keeps things simple: get on the water with whatever you’re wearing, and let go. Drown in your ears in music, moisturize your palettes with your favorite poison (mine is 12 year old McAllan ruined with a splash of ginger ale – I know I’m going to get hell for this), and hop to different mini destinations along the coast of south Miami.

Listen, I really could go on about this, but I’d rather show you.

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Thanks for looking.

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