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Muse: Adriana R.

The best way to develop your photography is to constantly try new things, even the most daunting and uncomfortable ones. I personally did not like motion, but I absolutely loved dancers – which is rather ironic. After having captured a couple ballerinas while in Ningbo, I started to feel comfortable with working with moving subjects. And then, while attending one of the RAW Artists show, I met a group of ladies who’s performance left me in awe. One of them who agreed to let me photograph her was Adriana.

She was energetic, strong yet supple, and moved effortlessly. Her contemporary style exuded of raw emotions and a sense of freedom – though our session took place in a rather small area of my living room. She took directions really well which made it easier for me to follow along and I found myself moving too! The part of the shoot was when she kept moving and I had shot my last frame on the very last roll and I could not find a way to tell her “I think we are done, I have no more film”…

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