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A private portrait Session with Mexican Actress, Marilyn

Roma Norte, Mexico City, Mexico | November 30th, 2018

First impression of Mexico City: old traditions mixed with trending modern touches, rustic yet charming. What better place to do some private portrait sessions. I was really there for work, but I could not pass the opportunity to capture local beauties. I did not have much time and my resources to find someone who would be opened to let me photographed them was limited to social media and model mayhem. After sifting through lots of faces, I sent a few messages in hopes that someone would reply soon. Well, Marilyn replied.

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We settled on date, and since it was a rather private session, we met at her place in Roma Norte. It was one of the coolest neighborhoods in Mexico City. She had kind but curious eyes, a very pretty and slightly infantile smile, and was such a good host. We settled on a few choices of clothing pieces that matched the intended mood which was “alluring comfort”. The focus was to capture a peek into her various emotions. She is an actress, but for the session, she wanted to be herself.

Her place was pretty high up and had a super large window offering a view of the entire city. It was late afternoon and that large window offered a gratuitous amount of good natural light. One of the best  part was enjoying view of the sun setting over the entire city.

Portrait Of A Girl
Woman Dressed In Black Situated On The Floor
Sultry Woman Wearing Black Dress Sitting On The Floor For Photography Session
Girl Laying On Couch For Private Boudoir Portrait Photography Sitting
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